Greek Helmets:


Greek Model 1934/39 Steel Helmet

These helmets were produced in Italy and delivered shortly before the outbreak of hostilities. Most of these helmets were delivered unpainted and without liners, which were made in Greece. The Italians used un-issued stocks of these helmets, as well as those captured after the invasion of Greece. This example features the original khaki colored paint.


Greek Model 1934/39 Steel Helmet

This particular example has been repainted a dark green, and was likely used by the Italians during the occupation until 1944.


Greek MkII Steel Helmet

Following the Second World War the Greek army adopted the British MkII helmet. These were South African produced versions with reburbished liners.


  Greek Sun Helmet

The Greek army used a sun helmet based on the British Wolseley pattern sun. These were introduced in the 1930s and remained in use until the 1970s.

This example features the insignia of the late 1960s era Greek Air Force.