Danish Helmets:


Danish Model 1923 Steel Helmet

The Model 1923 helmet features the Danish army emblem on the front. The medieval appearance is reminiscent of Danish warrior helmets. This model helmet was issued in brown and gray-green colors.


Danish Model 1939 Steel Helmet

Danish reserve police force helmet, first used from 1942 until 1944. These helmets were called the Amalienborg Helmet, as they were used by the police units that protected the Amalienborg Palace. These helmets were used with a front badge for the police force, but later the front holes for the badges were plugged up.


Danish Model 1948 Steel Helmet

Introduced following World War II this American M1 was designated the M1948. These helmets were produced in United States, and later by Austria and Germany for use in Denmark. The M1 liner system was produced locally in Denmark. These helmets were reissued for police use and painted gray.