Chinese Helmets:


Chinese GK 80a Helmet

Introduced in the late 1970s this was one of several helmet designs used by the People’s Republic of China. This particular model, the GK 80a, was also exported in large numbers to Albania and Algeria.


Chinese GK 80/A1 Helmet

This particular model, the GK 80A1 features a lighter steel shell and modified plastic and cloth liner. These types of helmets were used by para-military and police units throughout the 1990s.


  A recent "PR" shot of the GK 80A1 in use by troops during military exercises.

Chinese JK 96a Light Steel Helmet

This helmet features the basic shape of the US PASGT but is in fact made of light steel. It was introduced in the late 1990s. The JK 96a features six external rivets to hold the nylon suspension in the liner, while hte JK 96b version lacks the rivets and utilizes welded-on attachment points.