Argentine Helmets:


Argentine Model 1908 Sun Helmet

This circa 1908 pith helmet is clearly inspired by the Prussian pickelhaube, as well as the British Foreign Service helmet. These were used prior to World War I.


Model 1930 Argentine Sun Helmet

Used by Argentine from the 1930s until the 1960s these helmets were produced locally in Argentina. The sun helmet pattern was sometimes called the "casco italiano," after the similarly shaped Italian Model 1928 sun helmet.

This example features the insignia features the standard Argentine army insignia.


Argentine Model 1930 Sun Helmet

A unique variation of the Model 1930 sun helmet; this example features no top ventilation cap, and instead has only two forward vents. It also is a larger helmet, and has a front and rear brim of equal size. The cap insignia suggests it was a private purchase officer's helmet.


Argentine Model 1930 Pith Helmet from Air Force Academy

This Argentine pith helmet features the national cockade, along with insignia of the Argentine Air Force Academy, the Colegio Militar de Aviación. These helmets were used with similiar insignia by the Argentine Air Force.


Argentine Army Press Fiber Sun Helmet

This Argentine helmet is based on the American pressed fiber sun helmet, and was likely made locally in Argentina in the late 1940s. It features three vents holes, with the middle hole also providing attachment to the shell for the chinstrap. This helmet features the badge of the Argentine army on the front.